Confirmation FAQs

Why should I prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation with St Mary Parish?

  1. We want to know and love Jesus and the Catholic Church together 
    Using the “Decision Point” curriculum, testimonies from the High School and Adult Confirmation Leaders, and authentic small group sharing both the students and the parents will be supported and encouraged in the Faith. (Check out the Decision Point curriculum here.)
  2. We support the whole family 
    Once a month, while students are attending their Confirmation Class, parents will be participating in special retreats and workshops from 11:00 a.m.–12:10 p.m. We will use excerpts from the “Decision Point” Curriculum, discussions and forums led by and for parents with teens, and small groups with the parents of the students in your child’s small group. Parents will be encouraged by other parents and equipped to share and discuss the faith with their children.
  3. Our passionate and faithful Confirmation Adult and High School Leaders give personal attention to each student and family 
    Having a class of fifty plus students makes it difficult for the Confirmation coordinator to be able to give personal attention to each student and family. This is why our classes begin in a large group environment, but move quickly to small groups of four to five students to discuss and unpack the lessons from the previous week. One adult and one High School mentor will be guiding and encouraging the students in their small group and will have regular contact with the adult leader for the respective parent small group as well.
  4. We provide unique opportunities to spend quality time with God on retreats and liturgies
    The purpose of retreats is to depart from one’s routine and distractions so as to spend intentional time listening to and engaging with God. Many times in the Gospels, Jesus departs from His disciples and ministry to spend time with His Father in prayer. In order to know and love someone, you need to spend quality time with them. The three retreats we offer aim to do just that in fun, dynamic, and life-changing ways.
  5. We invite you to continue growing in your faith with us through our Youth Ministry Teams
    Confirmation is only the beginning of the next great step in your faith and life. Join our Nazareth Middle School Youth Ministry Team or Emmaus High School Youth Ministry Team of saints in the making! Continue to grow your friendships and faith in Christ during your sacramental preparation and after. (Links to those web pages)
  6. Continue to grow your friendships and faith during and after your sacramental preparation.
    Check out Nazareth Middle School and Emmaus High School youth groups.