Free Money From King Soopers for St. Mary School!

Did you know that King Soopers will donate up to $125,000 per year to the school on your behalf? And it costs you nothing!

You don’t have to buy a gift card or do anything special for the school to benefit from this “free money”. All you have to do is link your Sooper Card number to St. Mary School and every time you shop, we get a donation.

Right now, we receive donations of about $2000 per month from King Soopers from the 250 families who have already signed up. However, we could be receiving over $10,000 per month if everyone in the parish who shops at Kings connects their card to our school! 

You can visit right now and click “Enroll Now” to link your Sooper Card to St. Mary School

This program could literally help us balance the school budget. Please stop by one of the tables and help us collect the maximum amount of this free money as we possibly can!